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What is an Antique Silver appraisal?

An antique silver appraisal is an assessment of the condition, market value, and rarity of an antique silver item. This service is typically provided by a professional appraiser specializing in antiques. Appraising items made of silver can be difficult and it is important to get a proper evaluation for your particular item. Antique silver items can include anything from jewelry to coins, collectibles, tableware, decorative items, tea sets, cutlery, etc. Appraisers may also look at silver items from a historical and cultural perspective to provide a more accurate valuation. Appraisals are typically conducted onsite or through photographs, with an in-person assessment being most preferable due to the number of factors which play a role in the valuation. Depending on the scope, a written or verbal appraisal may be provided, or a certificate of appraisal can be issued after the appraisal's conclusion. Accurate appraisal of antiques can help you make decisions on items you are looking to sell, donate, or keep.

What are the different types of Antique Silver appraisals?

There are various types of antique silver appraisers, each specializing in different aspects of the business. Depending on the type of antique silver piece you are looking to appraise, the different types are:

1. Certified antiques appraiser - This type of appraiser has extensive knowledge and experience in appraising antique silver pieces. They are knowledgeable in assessing the condition, value, design, and manufacturing details of antique silver items. They are typically members of a third-party organization that has certified their skills.

2. Re-seller/dealer appraisers - These are professionals who have expertise with buying and selling antiques. This type of appraiser is usually not affiliated with any third-party organization, but they are often up-to-date on the market. They are usually the best resource for appraising the value of a silver item if you are looking to buy or sell it.

3. Independent appraisers - These appraisers are often working outside of an expert setting. They are typically more knowledgeable in antique silver than the ordinary person, but may not be certified, and do not usually belong to any third-party organization.

4. Online appraisers - Some online services offer to appraise silver antiques. They use a combination of images and detailed descriptions to assess the value and condition of an antique silver item.

It is important to note that none of these appraisers should be confused with a silver smith, who works with silver items to determine the purity of the metal.

Why get an Antique Silver appraisal?

A professional antique silver appraisal is highly recommended for anyone who owns or plans to buy vintage silver items or services. An appraisal is important if you plan on selling antique silver items, to provide documented value and provenance that can be used for insurance, storage, display, and other purposes. An appraisal is also helpful when donating antique silver to a nonprofit or other organizations for tax-deductible purposes. An appraisal ensures that the item has been authenticated as an antique silver item. It provides information on the worth and condition of the item, allowing you to make a well-informed decision in buying or selling the item. Additionally, the appraisal can help establish a historical context and cultural significance of the item. An appraisal also lets you know if the item is as advertised by the seller and helps identify possible fakes or reproductions. It's important to get your antique silver appraised by a qualified professional who has knowledge and experience with antique silver objects.

Can an Antique Silver appraisal be done online?

Yes, you can get an Antique Silver appraisal done online. AppraiseItNow is one of the only companies offering online appraisals that are USPAP-compliant in all states. The appraisers at AppraiseItNow can do the appraisal over Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or FaceTime, depending on the client’s preference. Professional appraisers at AppraiseItNow will give detailed descriptions and accurate opinions of value regarding your item from the comfort of your own home. AppraiseItNow offers secure, expedited and accurate online appraisal services.

How much does an Antique Silver appraisal cost?

Antique appraisals are billed on an hourly basis, ranging between $100 and $250 per hour. These appraisals can be completed with in-person and online methods; in-person appraisals will sometimes include travel fees, when applicable. For some projects, when necessary, the price can be determined ahead of time, in line with the specifications of the work. Additionally, across all of our appraisals, we offer a best price guarantee, beating any lower quote by 5%. If you have any further questions regarding pricing for antique appraisals, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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