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Appraisals for Insurance, Anywhere in the US

What is Insurance?

Insurance is a way to protect against risks and financial losses that can arise from unexpected events, such as death, injury, illness, damage or theft. When someone purchases an insurance policy, a premium is paid in exchange for the insurance company’s promise to provide compensation for any losses related to the event specified in the policy. The contract stipulates which losses are covered, the amount of compensation and how compensation is paid out. Insurance can be used to protect individuals and businesses from the financial burdens associated with accidents, natural disasters and other unexpected events.

Why do I need an appraisal for Insurance?

An appraisal for insurance is an important step in protecting an individual or business from potential financial loss due to theft, damage, or destruction of the property. The appraisal sets the amount of the insurance policy to provide coverage that is commensurate with the market value of the item being insured. An appraisal is essential in helping insurance companies to determine the correct amount of coverage to provide in order to ensure that the item is being reflectively and adequately covered. An appraisal helps to determine the right value of the item so that the insurance policy can be tailored accordingly and the premium set accurately. It also helps to provide proof of ownership which is often required when seeking compensation for lost or damaged items. Without an appraisal, insurance companies are unable to determine the true market value of the item and may, as a result, provide inadequate coverage or require a higher premium from the policy holder. Finally, an appraisal also helps to ensure that the policyholder receives what they are entitled to in the event of claiming. If a policyholder does not hold a current and accurate appraisal for their items, they may not be able to receive the appropriate compensation for their items if, for example, it was over- or under-insured or undervalued. An appraisal is, therefore, an essential part of the insurance process.

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