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William F.

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What is an Artwork appraisal?

An artwork appraisal is an assessment of the value of artwork. It is usually performed by a professional appraiser who is independent of the person purchasing or selling the artwork. The purpose of the appraisal is to provide a value for the artwork in question. The appraiser takes into consideration factors such as the artwork’s condition, materials used, its provenance, age, and any relevant exhibitions or publications which have featured it. The appraiser may also provide a detailed analysis of the artwork's provenance and history, making sure to include any factors which may influence the overall value. Through this analysis, the appraisal should provide a beneficial insight into the artwork’s market value. An artwork appraisal can also be conducted if one is looking to insure their artwork or if it is necessary to establish the worth of an artwork for estate or tax purposes.

What are the different types of Artwork appraisals?

Artwork appraisers evaluate the market value of artwork and determine the financial value of pieces. There are different types of appraisers, depending on the artwork being appraised. If you are looking for appraisals for fine art, including paintings, sculpture, or prints, you may wish to consult a fine art appraiser. A fine art appraiser is educated and experienced in identifying, researching, and valuing a wide range of artwork. For decorative artwork, there are decorative art appraisers who can assess such items as antique furniture, carpets, lighting, and more. Additionally, there are experts who specialize solely in appraising and authenticating artwork created by a certain artist or period. Finally, if you need appraisal services for contemporary artwork, you may wish to consult a contemporary art appraiser. These professionals have expertise in identifying and appraising art dated after 1945.

Why get an Artwork appraisal?

Getting an artwork appraisal can be a valuable process for many reasons. Firstly, for any artwork that is selling or buying, the appraisal can provide a realistic market value for the work, which is extremely beneficial for those looking to make informed decisions about the price of the artwork. This is especially important for more valuable pieces of artwork. An appraisal can also help to identify any conservation needs that the artwork may have, such as any restoration or repair work that would be beneficial in order to maintain the artwork and avoid any further deterioration. Finally, an artwork appraisal can also help to authenticate the artwork, which is important when attempting to establish the provenance and pedigree of the work. This is especially important when looking to buy work from a reputable dealer, as the appraisal can offer reassurance about the quality and authenticity of the artwork. In conclusion, an artwork appraisal can be an extremely valuable process for anyone looking to buy or sell artwork.

Can an Artwork appraisal be done online?

Yes, an Artwork appraisal can be done online. AppraiseItNow is one of the only companies that can do USPAP-compliant online appraisals of Artwork. The process for an online appraisal starts with the customer uploading images of the Artwork they wish to have appraised. They then fill out an online form with information about the Artwork, such as its title, size, medium, and provenance. After this, the customer pays an upfront fee and an appraiser will review the images and details and provide an appraisal report. Once the appraisal report is released, the customer can then use this to make an informed decision about the Artwork. The process is secure, affordable, and simple, allowing customers to get an appraisal of their Artwork without ever leaving their home.

How much does an Artwork appraisal cost?

Artwork appraisals are billed on an hourly basis, ranging between $100 and $250 per hour. These appraisals can be completed with in-person and online methods; in-person appraisals will sometimes include travel fees, when applicable. For some projects, when necessary, the price can be determined ahead of time, in line with the specifications of the work. Additionally, across all of our appraisals, we offer a best price guarantee, beating any lower quote by 5%. If you have any further questions regarding pricing for artwork appraisals, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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