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Tiffany C.

"AppraiseItNow helped me get through the probate process with a personal property appraisal. I was thrilled to do the whole process over Zoom, and the final report was completed faster than I expected!"

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William F.

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FAQ about appraisals for Fair Market Value

What is Fair Market Value?

Fair market value (FMV) is the estimated price of a property, asset, or item, determined through an assessment of current market conditions. It is the amount that a buyer and seller are both willing to agree upon when the item is sold on the open market. An appraisal of an item's fair market value is often called the open market value appraisal and is based on the item's current market conditions, trends, and supply and demand laws. In some cases, FMV is determined by looking at past sales of similar items; in other cases, it's determined by examining current trends and assessing the items availability and quality. The fair market value is the most accurate reflective measure of an asset's true worth in the current market.

Why do I need an appraisal for Fair Market Value?

An appraisal for Fair Market Value is important because it establishes a value on a given property that is agreed upon by an independent source. Without an appraisal, an informed and objective opinion on a property’s estimated value would not exist. In some cases, fair market value appraisals are decisive when it comes to establishing the worth of an asset or property for taxation, insurance, prospective buyers, investment decisions and financial planning/forecasting. Fair Market Value appraisals are also applicable in matters of estate and succession planning, legal and tax proceedings, as well as for assessing reserves when making loans against properties. With this in mind, an appraisal for Fair Market Value can provide the buyer, seller, or lender with confidence in the soundness of their decisions by taking valid and reliable data into account. The value of the property is assessed based on current market conditions, square footage, location of the property, architectural style, age of the property, general condition of the property, type of land, zoning, and location of similar properties. Taking all of these considerations into account is integral in providing an agreeable and accurate Fair Market Value for help with real estate decisions.

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Our appraisers utilize video and more for an online examination of your assets.

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  • No Travel Fees

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