Selling Your Furniture? Here's What You Need to Know About Appraisals

July 17, 2023
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Are you planning on selling your furniture? Congratulations! Before you put those chairs, tables, and other pieces on the market, it's important to consider getting an appraisal. An appraisal is an expert's opinion of an item's value, and it can help when it comes to pricing your furniture. In this blog post, we'll discuss what an appraisal is, the different types of appraisals, why you need one, and more. Read on to learn more!

What is an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an assessment of value made by an experienced professional. Appraisals are typically used to determine the value of an item, such as furniture, for insurance claims, estate settlements, or other sales transaction. Appraisers are trained to accurately assess the condition and worth of a piece of furniture, taking into account its age, style, condition and materials used, among other factors. Appraisers use different methods to determine the value, such as researching similar items that have been sold in the past, or determining a sales value based on comparable pieces of furniture. It is important to have an experienced and qualified appraiser when determining the value of furniture, as an inaccurate appraisal can lead to a lower insurance settlement or the loss of potential revenue from sales.

What Furniture Can Be Appraised?

Many pieces of furniture can be appraised, from antiques to contemporary designs. In general, furniture pieces need to have a certain amount of value to make it worth the cost and time of the appraisal. For instance, valuable antiques from the 18th and 19th centuries often require an appraisal in order to accurately assess the worth. Beyond that, pieces of furniture with special features, documentation, or superior craftsmanship may still be worth a professional appraisal. It’s also important to note that furniture purchased within the past 10 years, while it may still be valuable, may still not carry enough value in the eyes of an appraiser to justify the expense of an appraisal. Ultimately, the best option is to consult a professional appraiser and explain the situation to get an accurate assessment of your item’s worth.

The Different Types of Appraisals

: What You Need to Know Appraising your furniture can be a daunting prospect, especially if you're not sure what kind of appraisal you need. Before you begin the process, it’s important to know the different types of appraisals and how they can help you. There are three main types of appraisals: probate, insurance, and fair market value. Probate appraisals are usually required for estates and inheritance situations. These appraisals identify the value for assets for the purpose of determining the fair distribution of an estate. An insurance appraisal helps determine whether an item is fully insured and replaces a current item if damaged or stolen. Finally, a fair market value appraisal evaluates the approximate market value of an item. This is often used for tax, donation, liquidation, or estate planning. It’s important to understand these appraisals vary in complexity and value assessment, so having the right professional can be essential. Knowing the different types of appraisals and what they can offer can help you determine which approach is right for you when you’re selling your furniture.

Why Do You Need an Appraisal?

An appraisal is often required when selling furniture items. It provides an accurate assessment of an item’s value, which can be used to set an appropriate asking price. Additionally, an appraisal document provides essential information about an item's provenance, history and characteristics. This information is necessary for potential buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing a valuable piece of furniture. For example, a buyer may appreciate knowing if a particular piece has been restored, and the extent to which it has been altered from its original condition. With an appraisal, they can be sure to make an educated purchase. An appraiser is well-equipped to provide an unbiased and expert assessment of your furniture item, and can provide a written report that can be referred to during negotiations. An appraisal also offers enhanced protection against lawsuits after the sale, as it serves as an official record of the transaction. It is highly recommended to secure the services of a licensed appraisal professional before selling your furniture.

Pre-Sale Appraisals: What They Include

& What They Don't Pre-sale appraisals are an important part of the furniture-selling process. But what items are actually included, and what might not be included in a pre-sale appraisal? In general, a pre-sale appraisal will include the manufacturer or maker, the material used to create the piece, a description of the item’s condition, a research of the retail market for similar items, and a comparative market value for the piece. It’s important to note that appraisal documents typically do not feature an actual appraisal or estimated market value that is binding in a court of law. A pre-sale appraisal may or may not include additional services, such as a written report, extended research, or additional photographs. It’s important to ask your appraiser about all these things beforehand, as well as any services that may incur an additional cost. Finally, the appraiser should provide you with a dated and signed document confirming the appraisal. This document should be kept with your furniture in case you’d like to sell it in the future.

Pricing Your Furniture with an Appraisal

Pricing your furniture with an appraisal is a great way to ensure you get the fair market value for your items when it comes time to sell. Appraisers will use their expertise in antiques and collectibles to accurately assess the value of each piece. Appraisals are based on collection or market standards which include condition, rarity, age, quality, and provenance. Knowing the age, condition, and the type of furniture, you can determine how much it’s worth. Additionally, appraisers also take into consideration the condition of the piece, any repairs or enhancements it may have had, and any restoration it may have received. Furthermore, appraisals can provide a historical context to your item, adding even more value to your furniture. By using an experienced and knowledgeable appraiser to assess the worth of your furniture, you can ensure you get the best price when it comes time to sell.

Choosing a Reputable Appraisal Company

: What Should I Look Out For? When searching for an appraisal company, it is important to find one that is reliable, trustworthy, and experienced. Reputation is key, but there are other factors to consider when evaluating the quality of appraisers. First, it is important to make sure the appraiser is certified. A qualified appraiser must meet certain criteria and hold a license in their field. They should also be in good standing with their professional organization and have received specialized training in that area. The fees charged by an appraisal company should also be taken into consideration. The amount of work required is dependent upon the type and value of the item being appraised, so be sure to research the market rate for the services you need. Last, it is important to check the company’s references. Speak to people who have used the appraisal company in the past and find out their experiences. Additionally, it is wise to look up reviews online and read through customer feedback. A reputable company should have a positive track record and offer good customer service. By doing your due diligence, you can ensure that you are getting a quality appraisal service with a reliable company.

The Benefits of Professional Appraisals

for Selling Your Furniture When selling your furniture, it’s important to have a professional appraisal done so you can make an informed decision and get the maximum value for your items. A professional appraisal gives you an accurate assessment of the value of your furniture, as well as offers insights into its potential worth. An appraisal is an important tool for any furniture seller, and provides several benefits. First, an appraisal offers a clear idea of price range in which you should sell, taking into account the furniture’s worth and that of other items selling in the same market. This helps you craft a reasonable asking price that still provides maximum value. Second, appraisals are beneficial in providing valuable information concerning the item’s history, antiquity, and condition for potential buyers. Lastly, having a professional appraisal might be necessary in order to guarantee the assurance of an item's value for insurance companies. For sellers, appraisals are a powerful tool, and help ensure you get an accurate, fair market value for your furniture when it comes time to sell. Quality, professional appraisals are an essential part of the furniture selling process.

Using an Appraisal for Tax Purposes

. Using an appraisal for tax purposes can be a complicated process, but with accurate information and the right guidance, you can make the task much easier. Appraising items for tax purposes requires an appraiser to provide an opinion of the fair market value of the item based on its characteristics, quality and condition. When preparing an appraisal for tax purposes, it's important to understand that the appraiser must provide a detailed and accurate description of the item and any relevant information such as its maker or origin, as well as a current photo or documentation of the item. The appraised value will also be subject to the standard of value, which may include cost, replacement and/or fair market value. This number will specify your item's true worth for tax purposes in relation to secondhand market prices. Fortunately, there are many resources available, such as the International Society of Appraisers or American Society of Appraisers, to help you find a qualified and experienced appraiser to assess your items for tax purposes.

A Passionate Appraisal Company

Having a passionate appraisal company on your side is key when selling your furniture. An experienced and passionate appraisal company can take into account the historical and emotional value of pieces that wouldn’t show up on a typical appraisal. These individuals understand the unique care that goes into certain antiques, as well as their value in today’s market. At our appraisal company, our staff is passionate about antiques, collectibles, and artwork. We work closely with clients to understand their individual needs, whether it’s a simple appraisal for insurance purposes or knowing the sentimental value of furniture. We watch the market trends and can help owners price their items appropriately and craft an investment portfolio for potential buyers. Additionally, our team is here to answer any questions and offer personalized consultations. We understand the intricacies of furniture appraisals and make sure that owners are making educated decisions. Moving into the modern era, we’re also equipped to facilitate online transactions and payments with ease. At the end of the day, having a passionate appraisal company on your side will leave you feeling confident about the sale of your beloved furniture.


As you can see, appraisals can be a great tool when it comes to selling your furniture. From determining the value of your furniture to helping you price it correctly, appraisals can be invaluable. If you need help getting an appraisal, AppraiseItNow can help you out. Visit their website today to learn more!

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