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FAQ about Net Tangible Assets appraisals

What is a Net Tangible Assets appraisal?

Net Tangible Assets (NTA) appraisal is an assessment of the value of a business based primarily on its hard assets such as cash, investments, inventory, equipment, land and buildings. It also evaluates the liabilities, such as accounts payable, taxes, long-term debt, and any other obligations. The NTA appraisal considers all the tangible and intangible factors that would influence the value of a business, giving a reliable method of assessment for investors or potential buyers. The aim is to provide a fair estimation of a businesses' worth and enable the seller to make an informed decision when negotiating the sale of a business. The NTA appraisal takes into consideration markets, competitive landscape, as well as the risks and opportunities that the business may be exposed to, in order to gain a more comprehensive assessment of the business' value. Knowing the NTA value can help the seller to identify areas that need improvement in order to achieve a higher sale price.

Can I get a Net Tangible Assets appraisal done online?

Yes, you can get a Net Tangible Assets (NTA) appraisal done online. AppraiseItNow is one of the only companies that offers this service, and their online appraisals are USPAP-compliant in all states. They also offer the flexibility of having the appraisal done over Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or FaceTime, depending on what the client needs. Their staff are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the appraisal process and can ensure that the appraisal meets the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, their secure online system and their commitment to client confidentiality ensures that the process is private and secure.

What are the different types of Net Tangible Assets appraisals?

There are a variety of different types of NTA appraisers. The most common types of appraisers include court appointed, state licensed, and independent appraisers. NTA appraisers provide an independent and unbiased assessment of the property. State licensed appraisers will typically have a license from the state in which they are conducting the appraisal and are required to meet specific qualifications and adhere to ethical guidelines. Finally, independent NTA appraisers work without any corporate, legal, or court affiliation and provide their own interpretations and values based on their own professional judgment. Each type of appraiser brings a different level of expertise and experience, and some offer unique services. It is important to understand the difference between these types of appraisers in order to determine the best fit for any given bankruptcy estate.

Why should I get a Net Tangible Assets appraisal?

Getting a Net Tangible Assets (NTA) appraisal is an important step in assessing the market value of a business. NTA is the current value of a business's assets such as liquid assets, debt, and physical assets minus the liabilities associated with it. Knowing the NTA can provide an objective measure of the current market value of the business by subtracting the tangible assets from the total liabilities. It can help to identify whether the current market value is higher or lower than the actual worth of the business. Moreover, an NTA appraisal can provide a clear idea of how much money a business is worth in proportion to its total assets and liabilities. This information can also be used to ensure that the company is appropriately capitalized and that the assets can cover any potential liabilities. Overall, getting an NTA appraisal is useful in evaluating the business on a short-term basis, identifying potential areas of growth and undervaluation, and helping to properly capitalize and fund a business for its long-term sustainability.

How much does a Net Tangible Assets appraisal cost?

Net tangible assets (NTA) appraisals are quoted on a project-by-project basis. These appraisals can be completed with in-person and online methods; in-person appraisals will sometimes include travel fees, when applicable. For some projects, when necessary, the price can be determined ahead of time, in line with the specifications of the work. Additionally, across all of our appraisals, we offer a best price guarantee, beating any lower quote by 5%. If you have any further questions regarding pricing for equipment and machinery appraisals, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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