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Appraisals for IRS Form 8283, Anywhere in the US

What is IRS Form 8283?

IRS Form 8283 is a required form for tax filing if an individual has made a charitable contribution worth more than $5,000 in goods or services. It is required to be submitted with your taxes for the year in which you made the donation. It must be completed and signed by both the charity and the donor, and it requires an appraisal for the items that have been donated. Form 8283 is also used by attorneys, CPAs, and estate planners as documentation for tax-deductible donations of non-cash items. This form will ask for details about the donated items, such as the name of the charity, its purpose, description and fair market value of the items donated, date of donation, your signature, and the appraiser's signature. With Form 8283, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can verify that you made a charitable contribution and can accurately calculate your tax deduction.

Why do I need an appraisal for IRS Form 8283?

An IRS Form 8283 is an official tax document that must be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service when individuals or companies donate money to a non-profit organization. An appraisal is an important part of completing a Form 8283, as the value of a non-cash property donation must be included on the form in order to get a tax deduction. A professional appraisal of the property must be included with the form in order to provide evidence of its value for tax purposes. Without an appraisal, the IRS may reject the claim for the full value of the donation, reducing the tax deduction that the taxpayer is eligible to receive. Therefore, if someone wishes to receive a full tax deduction for a property donation, providing an appraisal to the IRS is an important part of the process. *Please note that AppraiseItNow does not provide tax advice*

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