Why Should I Get A Restaurant Equipment Appraisal?

Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or ice cream shop? While your day-to-day revolves around food, every now and then, business comes knocking at the door. If you are looking to buy a restaurant, sell a restaurant, apply for a loan, report your financials, or sell equipment... a restaurant equipment appraisal is an extremely powerful tool!

Restaurants are full of valuable assets: grills, refrigerators, freezers, pots and pans, dishwashers, and more... all of which can be incredibly valuable. If you want to borrow against these assets, sell your business for an appropriate price, or sell equipment, you need proof of their value. An appraisal can make or break your restaurant business, so it is essential to choose a trusted appraiser from a reputable firm.

Do you need an appraisal for your restaurant?

AppraiseItNow leverages a global team of restaurant equipment appraisers to provide our clients with a trusted, accurate appraisal report. An AppraiseItNow equipment appraisal is an essential tool for your restaurant, and our team is ready to help!

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